Hi! I’m

I’m a lead product designer.
I create digital and physical
products that are both functional,
innovative and delightful.

I help companies envision and refine impactful design solutions

(for humans and machines. Yes, UX for AI 🙂)

People. Product. Purpose.

We are what we create. The success of a product is a direct reflection of how a team makes decisions and purposefully works towards a graceful solution for its customers.
Is it kind, does it help solve the problem?

Championing design for an equitable future.

I have worked with a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging collective expertise and diverse viewpoints through experimentation and collaboration with emerging tech, research and visionary product teams.


Partnered with top industry and team leaders and designers that were driving platform ui consolidation and innovation across devices with a focus on enhancing usability, simplicity, and delight for outlook calendar and expressions team. Facilitated foresight workshops  on AI and Augmented intelligence.



Worked on initial phases and research for Pria a robot pill dispenser Stanley Black and Decker + Futures lab in Boston.

personal PROJECTS


We designed and built an compelling community health focused app to locate scarce items, services and health alerts for encouragment during uncertain times.

Design thinking workshop: Oops! I Created A Monster.

Building products and visuals that connect and solve a problem and can adjust with a quickly changing world requires workshops and creative approaches that facilitate empathy for the customer during product development and feature innovation.
Case Study 01 :
Can we make a good interface without understanding users need?

Identifying the problem to be solved for a new feature being built is not always clear. Each feature from googly eyes to ears has a price attached.
Case Study 02 :
Is it possible to understand the user’s need without research?

Challenge Biases the building of an in intial product/ "monster" based on limited information.
Case Study 03 :
Encourage research early in process by sharing example customer research to identify assumptions and create a new monster based on customer insights.
Case Study 04 :
This exercise quickly Demonstrates how much missing this step can truly cost if a product goes into production without truly empathizing with our customer.

From code to craft:
Blending tradition with tomorrow.

A creative sabbatical embarked me on a journey to steadily master a new skill of leather crafting. Being small in scale meets our mission big impact for the environment , human expression, imagination and innovation.

No Rehearsal Labs

NO/R brand offers bold leather handbag designs that are all handmade in my atelier, made-to -order, in limited quantities for collectors and boutiques. Also an atelier experimenting with immersive AR experiences and services.

Please visit NO/R's online shop to learn more about our Trademarked brand and browse our one-of-a-kind leather pieces made with love ❤️.